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Add quirk to your everyday with these cool funky notebooks as you pen down your thoughts, task lists and self-talks! Start your journey into the unknown depths of imagination, jot down your Bollywood dreams or make a list of grocery items. These quirky notebooks will make for the best buddy you love being with.


  • Aaram Sukoon Shanti
  • Chuppa Rustom
  • Do Lafzoon Ki Hai Kahani
  • Don’t Ask Me Stupid Question
  • Excuse Me Please
  • Funda Zyada
  • I m not Complicated
  • Jo Alag Likhta Hain
  • Tumne Kuch Dekha
  • Yeh Jo Diary Hai

All the greats you read about in your history books were writers. They wrote their dreams, plans, aspirations, daily habits, and introspection into fancy notebooks. Writing inspires, pushes you to bigger and achieve greater heights! And having funky notebooks like these, is icing on the cake! Funky notebooks are an open sky to unleash your imagination. Fancy notebooks are great to have during class or work meetings where you can pretend to write notes while doodling all sorts of mishmash. Quirky notebooks allow you to write scripts like Javed Akhtar, unleash your AR Rahman with musical melodies. Jot down jokes and become the next big comic. Truth is without quirky notebooks, you'd be nowhere. Funky notebooks are designed to bring out the best within you. Or at least they make you look you're doing something epic at any given moment. P.S. we've noticed that carrying funky notebooks gets you positive attention from friends and strangers alike. It's a great conversation starter and a perfect way to write down what you want to eat for dinner. Really, these pages will reflect your very soul. So, go crazy, get wild and grab these quirky notebooks right now

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