Yeh Jo Notebook hai, ye Sab Janti Hai!!

When people speak of something timeless and classic, it has not to be always something related to literature, fashion, and movies! The notebook that you take to college every day can have the same appeal. Have you ever opened a notebook that belongs to someone else? It can be a treasure trove of out-of-the-box ideas, thoughts, incidents that actually happened, and secrets that might reveal the 'true' person that you have been knowing for years. So if you have a notebook, you might have something that knows it all. And it does not take much time to shop around for 'the one.' There is something one for all.

Aaram Sukoon Shanti

India is the home to innumerous out-of-the-box thinking talents. Some of them end up with designs that speak of every emotion. We all have a friend among us who would rather give a piece of mind to one and all instead of enjoying the peace of mind. If you have a fault finder in your group, or a picky one, then how about giving a fancy notebook that has a quirky mantra Aaram, Sukoon, and Shanti? It can be a great gift option for someone looking for a cool, relaxing break, as well.

Don't Ask Me Stupid Questions

'Why is she wearing white when her name is Rosy?', 'Why does the Sun set, instead of swimming?' Sounds familiar? Well, we all have a friend in our groups who feel that it's super cool to ask questions that actually has no base. If his or her birthday or any special day is knocking at the door, then how about gifting uber cool notebooks that simply states "Don't Ask Me Stupid Questions? It can be a fun way to speak out your mind. Or you can simply leave this notebook on his/her table anonymously.

Excuse Me Please

Now, this is a one-liner that has too many connotations. It could be a gift to someone who has a habit of saying it. It is equally a great gift option to anyone that you want to start a chat with. These innovative notebooks are never heavy on the pocket. Stay tuned with Yedaz; you can get some great deals on them, as well.

Do Lafzo Ki Hai Dil Ki Yeh Kahani

When you are splashing some notes for getting a notebook for a Bollywood-frenzy pal, then you cannot go wrong with 'filmy' fancy notebooks. They can come in vibrant, as well as somber shades, each depicting a state of emotion. They come etched with the dialogues and song lines like these that have become immortal. Apart from the big Bollywood fan, they can be an excellent gift idea for aspirant writers who have a lot of great thoughts and stories to pen down. What about choosing it as a gift for lovebirds?