Valentine’s Day Over? Worry Not, Romance Jaari Rahega

14th February: Valentine’s Day! The day when many hearts beat a little faster, and when some even crackle a bit but basically it’s the day of love! People spend time with their loved ones, send them gifts, wear cute twinning outfits and have a good time. Some may call it as cliché, but deep inside, we’re sure they love to celebrate this day.

But what about the day after Valentine’s? Well, Yedaz ensures that you make every day special for your loved one. Amongst a string of lovely trendy tshirts for men and women, we’ve hand-picked a few that will ensure the feeling of love grows forever.

Aashiq No 1!

If you hear your heart sing a new song today, join along as you express ‘Iss Baar Ishq Sachcha Hai’. Love is all about that wonderful feeling when two eyes talk in silence. If that feeling springs up a beautiful rhythm inside you, then this tshirt is the one for you, buddy! True love needs no expression, but surely deserves one, and this tee is perfect for you.

Iss Baar Ishq Sachcha Hai

Why Shy?

This one is probably for the ones who feel a tsunami of emotions, but aren’t the best at expressing it. If you’re a shy person, you could still be a smart person and express this complexity of your feelings with the tshirt ‘Dil Ki Baat Baaki’. You may be single wanting to mingle or with someone, yet shy to express it, this tshirt comes as a saviour, and this saviour comes with swag. Such vibrant trendy tshirts are sure to attract the attention of your loved one ;-)

Dil Ki Baat Baaki

Relationship Status?

Single? Committed? Or is it complicated? He may be head over heels for you, but you might be confused. He might be your all-time crush but when he asks you out, you change your mind. It’s a matter of love, you have all the right to stay confused. But even as you remain confused, you can be stylish! With Yedaz, such trendy tshirts for women are easily and reasonably available. Buy.. Set.. Go!

I’m Not Complicated

Two Cute!

Disclaimer: Yedaz newly launched couple tshirts are too cute. If you are single, you may die out of guilt for not being able to wear them and if you’re in a relationship, you’d die to get them!

When she can’t stop talking, and he can’t listen anymore! When her favourite thing to do is talk and his mandatory thing, to listen! These are little things that define a cute couple. Add flavour to your daily routine with these quirky couple tshirts online!

Shanti Shanti Shanti & Bak Bak Ki Koi Dava Nahi

Pyaar ka mazaa, uske izhaar me aata hai… Express your love with Yedaz trendy tshirts!