There’s a Bollywood T-shirt for every kind of guy. Which one are you?

Thematic apparels are in vogue these days, and definitely for all the right reasons. Firstly, they look really cool; secondly, mere t-shirts can speak thousands of emotions that we can relate to; also, they are affordable; and, are available in a great range. With the online shopping market being flooded with customized merchandise, customers have tremendous options to choose from. The most in demand are t-shirts for crazy Bollywood fans especially for guys.

Yedaz is the one stop destination to vanquish such peaking demand with its profusion range of Bollywood t-shirts online.

Check out some for your guy friends:

For the King of Romance

This Bollywood t-shirt is for that die-hard Shah-Rukh Khan fan, who eats romance, speaks romance and walks romance. Of course, everyone has that one lovey-dovey chap who wears his heart on his sleeve. This ‘Do Lafzon Ki Hai’ t-shirt will make your friend go gaga over it. The t-shirt is giving the quintessential look of coolness and soberness at the same time.

Do Lafzon Ki Hai Dil Ki Kaahani

For the Innocent Looking Brat

Chosen meticulously, this one is for that mischievous chap, who looks extremely innocent but is ironically the naughtiest. Of course, the t-shirt goes well with the personality of your friend who can be seen grinning sweetly while receiving this as a gift. Also, the colour and print gel well together, thus assuring a perfect look.

Bhola Bechara

For the Shayar

We have seen the beauty of shayari in words and actions. But this will be the first time when we will see someone wearing shayari. Don’t get confused! We are talking about this amazing t-shirt captioning ‘Arz Kiya Hai’ for that shayar friend of yours. This is an apt choice to gift your friend because sometimes it is good to wear your personality too. You or your friend can wear a t-shirt with blue denim or even shorts/capris. Undoubtedly, it will turn out to be a supercool t-shirt.

Arz Kiya Hai

For the Secular One – Amar, Akbar, Anthony!

Mostly, there are guys who believe in equality of all religions and sync their views with the Bollywood film ‘Amar, Akbar, Anthony’. This t-shirt is for that secular yet thoughtful friend, who believes in the state of being impartial, and a state of equal status, rights, and opportunities. Also, this t-shirt can be best worn at the time of celebration of our national occasions like Republic Day and Independence Day. Besides, the t-shirt is a symbol of unity in diversity.

Amar Akbar Anthony

The Attitude Slayer

Not everyone can possibly pull out a really sassy attitude. If you can, then this probably is the outfit for you. The t-shirts are in abundance, but to find a t-shirt that suits your personality is a big task. This t-shirt offered by Yedaz comes in with a stylish design and colour combination. The quality of the t-shirt in less price speaks for itself. So, pick this t-shirt and wear your opinion and attitude with pride.

Yahan Ka Dada Hai Tu