Shuddh Desi Bollywood Merchandise Gifts for Every Die-hard Bollywood Fan

Rahul Parmar, 34, engineer, married. He’s smart, intelligent, proudly owns one of India’s better start ups and at the top of his game. He goes into board meetings, impresses investors with his smart ideas and futuristic thought process.

Do you know what Rahul first said when a competitor tried to beat him? He said, ‘Bhai, Rahul ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai’

Yes, that’s right! Another Bollywood fan right there. You would not have imagined that the same guy dances to Bollywood music, still catches First Day First Shows, mouths dialogues like a recorder. In fact, we tell him that his parents thought of the perfect name for him, Rahul! (Well, naam to suna hoga)

That’s the thing about Bollywood. It is in every Indian’s heart. Everybody wants to stay abreast with their favourites on Instagram. Coffee break chats are more about box office collections and finding out who’s going out with whom. All of us in some way or another, are infected with this crazy filmy virus!

Well, if you have friends like these and are keen to gift them some exclusive Bollywood Merchandise Gifts, we have just the right thing for them:

  1. Some Swag Stuff:

If your friend is all about style and swag (who isn’t!), some of our merchandise is what you should look at. He/she would really love our ‘Swag’ trendy t-shirt. Imagine the sight of your friend sipping cappuccino from our ‘Swag’ mug with the same swag as Ranveer Singh! Too much swag popping up here, right? Well, that’s what happens when you come in contact with Yedaz


  1. Turn A Page:

Gift your filmy friends our cute stationery collection. Our quirky notebooks would be the limelight on their desks. Imagine her writing her daily to-do lists in our ‘Don’t Ask Me Stupid Questions’ notebook or him penning down his heart in the ‘Do Lafzon Ki Dil Ki Kahaani’ diary. It sure is a ‘note’worthy gift.

  1. Koi Doubt Mat Rakhna Dil Mein:

Ya, you guessed it right, it’s the iconic Geet from Jab We Met! Well, we have a range of merchandise specialized for a friend who would love roaming around the city with ‘Sikhni Hoon Main Bhatinda Ki’ tshirt or visit the market with this tote bag. You also have the ‘Aaj Tak Life Mein’ tee, it’ll surely make her day!


  1. Bachchan Se Kaise Bachoge?

Worry not, if your friend, like all other Indians is a Bachchan buff, we’ve got what you need. Right from ‘Hum Jahaan Khade Ho Jaate Hai’ and other Bachchan tshirts, to fashion accessories, beer mugs, shot glasses, coffee mugs and cushions, we’ve got you covered. Find your one-stop gifts here .


  1. Beer Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost:

If your friend really loves his beer, there’s a way to make him happy. When Bollywood met beer mugs, our exclusive beer glasses collection was born! With mugs stating iconic lines, it would be a fun sight to see him recite the dialogues when he’s high!

Make up for the perfect Bollywood birthday for your filmy pals with these lovely bollywood gifts online!