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Bollywood Themed Gifts

Bollywood themed gifts for those who want to make their gift personalized and memorable! Find a unique gift for every occasion and every person from our exclusive Bollywood merchandise. New Releases Every Friday – Catch it “First Day First Show”

Loot Le


Father Ko Baap Bo...

Bollywood Madness

At Yedaz, we worship at the altar of Bollywood. Driven by this Bollywood madness we create cool, funky, quirky and high quality Bollywood merchandise.





Jee Nahi

Yedaz Merchandise

Trend OK Please! Spike-up the fun factor and oomph of every aspect of your life with the Yedaz Bollywood merchandise. If you always like to be ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest new craze, then we've got you covered. Who doesn't love superstars? Take a look at some of our blockbuster best-sellers.



Bollywood T-shirts

Grab your hands on a pair of comfortable, 100% cotton tees for every Bollywood mood. Go Yedaz with our cool and trendy high quality Bollywood T-shirts.

Colorful costumes, exotic locations, infectious music, mind blowing stunts, heart pumping romance, laugh out loud humor and gut wrenching drama. Bollywood has something for everybody. And that's why i...t resonates with people worldwide. Today, Bollywood madness has captivated the world's imagination. Whether it's the golden age of Indian cinema, romantic dramas and love triangles of the 80s-90s or modern day Bollywood blockbusters, the Bollywood madness prevails in all. We speak in Bollywood dialogues, we eat Bollywood masala with a side of extra strong chai for breakfast, we daydream in Bollywood dance sequences and we breathe Bollywood madness. We strongly believe that whether you're on a flight, bored on a Saturday night, a Bollywood film will add the much needed spice to your life. At Yedaz, our motto is pretty simple: If you love Bollywood, we have got you covered. Check out Yedaz Bollywood merchandise, made with 100% enthusiasm, love and first class Bollywood madness, especially for you! Bring a smile on the face of friends with unique and exclusive Bollywood merchandise that reflects their love for Bollywood. Give Bollywood themed gifts that will leave your loved ones starry eyed with surprise and joy. You’ve been infected with Bollywood madness now share your passion through unique Bollywood merchandise. Bollywood merchandise is diverse and so is our collection. Looking for smart and trendy Bollywood t-shirts for both men and women? Well, Yedaz is your go-to.! Choose from a wide variety of Bollywood t-shirts for both men and women featuring iconic dialogues catch-phrases and quirky celebrity caricatures.Yedaz Bollywood t-shirts are the perfect choice for wearing to college, home, or even with comfortable pajamas. Yedaz leaves no room of the home left uncovered when it comes to the Bollywood merchandise: • Show your Bollywood madness with quotes on your fridge through colorful fridge magnets. • Plaster interesting and quirky quotes on your chest with pride through Bollywood merchandise like dialogue badges. • Serve drinks in handsome beer mugs that are suitable for any Friday night bash. • Sip hot chai in Bollywood themed cups and cool coffee mugs! • Be that funny & interesting person who goes grocery shopping with amazing eco-friendly tote bags. Get all the veggie vendors in on the joke. • Impress your guests with tasteful Bollywood memes with comfy cushions, turning your sofas into conversation pieces! • Grab hold of priceless, one of its kind phone covers reflecting your Bollywood madness